New Jetson, Same Gut Obsession

At Jetson, we’re obsessed with helping people achieve overall health through the power of the gut. That is who we are today, and who we have always been.

We launched in 2019 because of our founder, Stefan Weitz’s, personal health transformation which was largely due to improving gut health. He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2005. After living in chronic pain for seven years, he went through thousands of hours and dollars to learn that the pain was caused by inflammation, which was caused by his unhealthy gut. Stefan’s doctor, Mark Hyman, changed his diet and gave him a high quality probiotic. In three weeks, he was pain free.

Stories like Stefan’s may seem like an anomaly, but they aren’t. Just ask our customers. Over the last three years, our prebiotic and probiotic formulations have helped tens of thousands of people live better and healthier lives. Our customers have shared their improvements in weight loss,  bloating, sleep quality, skin clarity, anxiety, immune strength, digestion, and overall health. That’s a lot of real estate for one little pill to cover. Why?


A healthy gut can change your life. So today, we are taking the last three years of success and doubling down on gut health, hard.

Today Jetson is reborn. With this comes a new look which we hope you like as much as we do (really, we can’t stop looking in the mirror). Why so much neon and dancing J’s you ask? Because we truly are celebrating the gut in every aspect. When you look at and think of Jetson, we want you to feel happy, energized and inspired. Life is complicated enough, we’re here to bring some levity while making you feel better, too.

We also changed our URL from to The real reason is because we are a health company. But it’s also way easier to remember.

But most importantly, in order to do everything in our power to help you achieve overall health by focusing on your gut, we have to transform our products, experts, and content.

  • Products – we are going BEYOND the Pill. In the coming months, our product lineup will expand into other categories that will nourish your gut.
  • Experts – Yeah, yeah.. lots of websites have names with faces and impressive bios. Our Gut Gurus, while also having impressive bios, have more. They are here for our customers on-demand. Have an itch you can’t scratch? Can’t stop going to the bathroom or worse (but is it?),  not going at all? Is your child sick AGAIN? Our Gut Gurus are here for you when you need it. 
  • Education – We will say it again: we are obsessed with the power of the gut. All research from the latest studies in gut health advancements will be shared with you once we’ve digested it and made it un-boring. The more you know, the better you’ll live.

What did we miss?

Did we mention how good we look now? What comes with this makeover is our new packaging. We are switching from our glass bottles to CSP plastic bottles which feature industry-leading innovation for supplements. Before you call the recycling police, let us explain. Our new bottles offer new benefits:

  • Better Product Potency: the desiccant layer built into our new bottles prevent moisture from entering the bottle and extends shelf life. 
  • More Sustainable: Our new bottles require less packaging materials resulting in a packaging weight reduction of 46% which reduces fuel to transport. 
  • Reduce Breakage: Plastic bottles are much less likely to break in transit than glass, resulting in less waste in the long run.

Because a world-renowned makeover takes time, we will continue to ship our original glass bottles until June. From there, all packaging will be turned over to our new bottles.

So you see, we’re still us, only better. We are Jetson and we are going to unleash the power of your gut so you live happier but also  much healthier.

Visit us today to gut started on a healthier you