The Secret to Your Best Summer Body? Bacteria.

With summer finally here, you may be eager to frolic in the waves, soak up some rays, and make the most of that long-awaited vacation. But in trying to be your healthiest, best self for summer —body and soul — you might be breaking out into a sweat at the thought of grueling workouts, tasteless and restrictive diets, and other punishments.

Principles of a Healthy Diet

Need to drop a few pounds? As with any goal, it’s essential to head into the project with a strategy in hand. To increase the probability of success, figure out how to respond to any possible roadblocks and look for opportunities to make the process easier. And plan some rewards for yourself!  

Benefits Of A Diverse Probiotic Routine

Here at Jetson, we always preach about the gut’s effect on overall health. That’s why we invented the concept of a rotating probiotic routine (also known as probiotics with added benefits) because of how important it is to maintain this consistent diversity in your gut.

What to Eat for Better Digestion

Efficient digestion is a cornerstone of our well-being, impacting our mood and sleep, and our ability go about our daily lives. When it’s not working, we’re miserable. Fortunately, keeping our digestion in good health doesn’t require medical interventions or drastic measures: eating a balanced diet full of gut-friendly food, and adopting healthy lifestyle habits, is usually all it takes. 

The Gut Health and Immune System Connection

Whether you get sick often or like to plan ahead for the next flu season, you want your immune system operating at maximum efficiency. If you’ve done your research, you already know that eating nutritious, healthy foods plays a big role in protecting you from viruses, bacteria, and more. But do you know why?

The Gut Skin Connection: Can Gut Health affect Skin?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever woken up, looked at your skin in the mirror, and wondered — what happened? You’re not alone. (Our hands are raised.) Modern life can take a toll on our skin. From environmental contaminants to the nutritional deficit in the average American diet, our skin is pretty consistently getting kicked while it’s already down.

How do probiotics help with vaginal health? 

If you’ve got a female reproductive system, you know that the care and keeping of your hormones, your happiness, and your health all throughout your cycle can be, well, a lot. Whether you need a quick Hormones-101 review or are already an expert in the link between the gut and vaginal health, stick around: We’ve got info that should help make your day (and your month!).

The Gut, Weight Loss and Fitness Connection

If you know how to take care of your gut, it can go from being a target to a tool. Instead of trying to make our guts shrink and wither away, we can instead learn how to turn them into high-powered and downright beautiful metabolism-boosting, health-optimizing machines.