The Gut and Mood Connection

We’ve all been made aware – possibly too aware – of the connection between our mind and our gut at some point: the rumbling stomach in a job interview (or, worse! on a first date), the irritability and brain fog when we’re hungry, the sleepless night after a meal that isn’t sitting quite right.

How Improving Gut Health Could Save Your Life

An unhealthy gut and stress can trigger deadly autoimmune attacks. Without a healthy gut, microbes can travel outside the gut, initiating immune responses and inflammation throughout the body. When our founder Stefan Weitz was undergoing treatment for MS, he changed his health with a combination of dietary choices and a high-quality probiotic. Jetson was born out of a mission to help others get and stay healthy.

What Can Your Gut Do For You?

If you didn’t know this already, probiotics are our thing. At Jetson, we believe that gut health is key to overall health. We’re so obsessed that we’ve developed specific formulations for different health needs, including a seasonally rotating probiotic for better gut diversity. 

Why a Pediatrician Recommends Probiotics For Kids

My name is Dr. Lisa Stern – I’ve worked in pediatrics for over 30 years, helping parents and their kids understand the importance of the gut biome, and why there is such a disconnect between gut health and our western diets. I’ve worked together with the Jetson team to formulate Jettie Melty Stix, a sugar-free, all natural, pre and probiotic powder to help encourage microbiome diversity during the most developmental stages of life. I’m going to give you the ins and outs of gut health in children, and why Jettie can make such an impact on a developing child’s gut microbiome.

A Complete Guide on Serotonin

Serotonin – the thing you’ve probably heard of, but don’t really understand. So let’s spend some time breaking down what it is, why it’s important, and how your gut plays a significant role in making sure you have enough.

How probiotics can help your skin

Let’s face it; few things in this life fill you with dread quite like acne breakouts. When your skin is damaged by spots, inflammation, or blotching, finding a quick solution for healthier skin is essential. While you may have encountered many possible treatments, probiotics for acne is one that you might not have considered.

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How to Improve Gut Health for Weight Loss

Your gut bacteria can affect weight loss in terms of how the food you consume digests, how fat is stored, and how it also produces chemicals that will make you feel full or hungry. In short, your gut bacteria composition is linked to weight loss and weight management.

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How to Improve Gut Health to Support Immunity

Our mission is to make Americans healthier through their gut. If you asked us why we are so passionate about all things gut health, we would tell you it’s because research proves that between 70% and 80% of the immune system is in the gut—so it’s an obvious place to start.