What to Eat for Better Weight Loss

Need to drop a few pounds? As with any goal, it’s essential to head into the project with a strategy in hand. To increase the probability of success, figure out how to respond to any possible roadblocks and look for opportunities to make the process easier. And plan some rewards for yourself!  

The Secret to Your Best Summer Body? Bacteria.

With summer finally here, you may be eager to frolic in the waves, soak up some rays, and make the most of that long-awaited vacation. But in trying to be your healthiest, best self for summer —body and soul — you might be breaking out into a sweat at the thought of grueling workouts, tasteless and restrictive diets, and other punishments.

Benefits Of A Diverse Probiotic Routine

Here at Jetson, we always preach about the gut’s effect on overall health. If that’s not enough, take a look at this recent study that helps reinforce the importance of a rotating gut health routine (tip: if you’ve been taking the same probiotic for years…. It’s probably not hitting the same). This 9000 person study included people ranging from 18 to 101, and analyzed the microbiome as they aged. It turns out that as we get older our microbiome can become less diverse, which is positively correlated with being sicker. In fact, the older we become, the more we lose beneficial microbes (that help break down food and keep our gut intact) and gain pathobionts (that cause disease).

The Gut, Weight Loss and Fitness Connection

If you know how to take care of your gut, it can go from being a target to a tool. Instead of trying to make our guts shrink and wither away, we can instead learn how to turn them into high-powered and downright beautiful metabolism-boosting, health-optimizing machines. 

Yes, You Can Eat These Summer-Friendly Fruits and Still Lose Weight

We face an endless barrage of studies telling us not to eat this and not to drink that if we’re trying to lose weight. And there’s no shortage of self-proclaimed “experts” saying that dieters should avoid fruit altogether if they want to reduce the number on the scale. Science doesn’t bear that out. Fruit absolutely can be a staple of your diet without compromising your weight loss goals. What’s most important for weight loss is your gut health, and foods like fruit can help you maintain a healthy gut.

Fit is here!

The season is changing, the weather is getting warmer, and just like that, Fit is here! For our Seasonal Probiotic customers, the Skin formulation you’ve been receiving in the mail for spring will now be changing to Fit for the next three months.

What Can Your Gut Do For You?

If you didn’t know this already, probiotics are our thing. At Jetson, we believe that gut health is key to overall health. We’re so obsessed that we’ve developed specific formulations for different health needs, including a seasonally rotating probiotic for better gut diversity.