What to Eat for Better Immunity

Our gut is the key to our immunity. Within our gut are several million living cultures of bacteria that are created and fed by the food we eat. These bacteria and fungi make up the gut’s microbiome. Your gut microbiome has a direct impact on your immune cells. If your gut is healthy, you will have better immunity. 

Benefits Of A Diverse Probiotic Routine

Here at Jetson, we always preach about the gut’s effect on overall health. If that’s not enough, take a look at this recent study that helps reinforce the importance of a rotating gut health routine (tip: if you’ve been taking the same probiotic for years…. It’s probably not hitting the same). This 9000 person study included people ranging from 18 to 101, and analyzed the microbiome as they aged. It turns out that as we get older our microbiome can become less diverse, which is positively correlated with being sicker. In fact, the older we become, the more we lose beneficial microbes (that help break down food and keep our gut intact) and gain pathobionts (that cause disease).

The Gut and Immunity Connection

Whether you get sick often or like to plan ahead for the next flu season, you want your immune system operating at maximum efficiency. If you’ve done your research, you already know that eating nutritious, healthy foods plays a big role in protecting you from viruses, bacteria, and more.

Gut Health and C. Diff

We’ve all been there: A few days into a course of antibiotics, your stomach starts to rebel and you reach for the yogurt to try to bring your digestive system back into balance. Occasionally the stomach trouble worsens, and in some cases can actually be a more serious ailment called C. diff.