What to Eat for Better Immunity

Our gut is the key to our immunity. Within our gut are several million living cultures of bacteria that are created and fed by the food we eat. These bacteria and fungi make up the gut’s microbiome. Your gut microbiome has a direct impact on your immune cells. If your gut is healthy, you will have better immunity. 

Benefits Of A Diverse Probiotic Routine

Here at Jetson, we always preach about the gut’s effect on overall health. That’s why we invented the concept of a rotating probiotic routine (also known as probiotics with added benefits) because of how important it is to maintain this consistent diversity in your gut.

The Gut Health and Immune System Connection

Whether you get sick often or like to plan ahead for the next flu season, you want your immune system operating at maximum efficiency. If you’ve done your research, you already know that eating nutritious, healthy foods plays a big role in protecting you from viruses, bacteria, and more. But do you know why?

How to know if my probiotics are working

Since our launch, we have talked to hundreds of customers — many of whom are first-time probiotic users. We are beyond thrilled to see how we are starting to make a difference in everyday Americans’ lives starting with getting their gut in shape.

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How to Improve Gut Health for Weight Loss

Your gut bacteria can affect weight loss in terms of how the food you consume digests, how fat is stored, and how it also produces chemicals that will make you feel full or hungry. In short, your gut bacteria composition is linked to weight loss and weight management.