Erin’s Journey to Wellness with Jetson

I always say that these are the three things that could change your life: drink more water, get enough fiber and take Jetson. I was really intentional about focusing on the basics. I was changing my diet, I was moving more, I was focusing on my mental health, and Jetson supported me through all of that. It took my gut issues off the table.

Benefits Of A Diverse Probiotic Routine

Here at Jetson, we always preach about the gut’s effect on overall health. That’s why we invented the concept of a rotating probiotic routine (also known as probiotics with added benefits) because of how important it is to maintain this consistent diversity in your gut.

The Gut and Mood Connection

We’ve all been made aware – possibly too aware – of the connection between our mind and our gut at some point: the rumbling stomach in a job interview (or, worse! on a first date), the irritability and brain fog when we’re hungry, the sleepless night after a meal that isn’t sitting quite right.

A Complete Guide on Serotonin

Serotonin – the thing you’ve probably heard of, but don’t really understand. So let’s spend some time breaking down what it is, why it’s important, and how your gut plays a significant role in making sure you have enough.

Gut Health and H. Pylori

An imbalance in gut bacteria can manifest in several ways, from abnormal bowel movements to constant fatigue and inflammation, indicating autoimmune dysfunction. An unhealthy overgrowth of H. pylori bacteria in your stomach and small intestine is especially troublesome, so it’s critical to recognize and treat it as soon as they emerge.