This year’s back-to-school must-haves for immune support

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Hi, I’m Kristin, Jetson partner and registered dietitian, here to talk about immunity—more specifically, your kid’s immunity! With back-to-school season in full swing for many across the nation, there’s no better time to drop some immune-boosting “must-haves” to help keep your kids’ health in tip-top shape this fall.

Nutrient-rich breakfast options

Dietary patterns are a critical component of supporting a healthy immune system. Making mindful decisions at breakfast can set a great start to the day. The first step? Actually eat breakfast! A 2023 animal study found that skipping breakfast could negatively impact the immune system. Breakfast consumption is linked to better academic achievement in kids and having a nutrient-dense option may also help them be more resilient to colds and flu this season. Some of my top recommendations include protein pancakes with fresh fruit, oatmeal with walnuts and honey, scrambled eggs and whole grain toast, or a low sugar, whole grain cereal option.

A super cool bento box

Most kids love lunch options that give them lots of delicious choices. Instead of purchasing already-made, processed options, make your own (with your kids!) instead. Bento boxes offer multiple compartments and give kids a chance to control what gets packed. Work with them to fill it with lean sources of protein, healthy fats, and fiber-rich, complex carbohydrates to help support their immune systems. Some examples of immune-supporting snacks include apple slices, rolled-up turkey, whole-grain crackers, dark chocolate chips, hummus, carrots, whole-grain pretzels, and cut strawberries. Really anything that’s nutrient-dense may help with making your kids stronger!

Kid-friendly hand wash

Regular and proper hand washing has been associated with a reduced risk of cold and flu. To incentivize your kids to keep their hands clean, let them pick out some fun hand soaps. Another great way to make sure they’re keeping their hands clean is to add a mini hand sanitizer clip to their backpacks. Trust me, they’ll love picking out fun cases and a custom scent!

The right supplements

Even with the best parental intentions, kids, as they say, will be kids. They may not always eat what is offered or have the best hygiene practices… that’s why it’s important to consider adding a supplement into their routines for additional immune support. Where to start? Consider a supplemental helper that may support better gut health and regularity, like Jetson Superkids. Superkids is a pediatrician-formulated, 3-in-1 probiotic and prebiotic with Vitamin D. It supplies the good bugs (the probiotics) to help strengthen the gut lining and build a healthy immune system.* The prebiotics added can support the probiotics and other good bugs in the gut to help develop a healthy gut microbiome environment.* And if you need the extra digestive and immune support for yourself, Jetson Digest Probiotic supports less bloating, bowel regularity and helps build a healthy gut for your immune system.* Jetson is a win-win for the whole family.

Book that back-to-school pediatrician appointment

Finally, keeping up with regular pediatrician appointments is essential to stay up to date with your child’s overall health and wellness.

There you have it! A fool-proof list of essential ways to keep your kid’s immune systems in tip-top shape this fall. Now go forward and conquer this back-to-school season—you’ve got this!

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