Vitamins & Minerals that Support Immunity

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Hi, I’m Kristin, Jetson partner and registered dietitian, here to share some tips on boosting immunity ahead of the back-to-school germ craze. More specifically, how a balanced gut, combined with the right vitamins and minerals, can help your family’s immune system thrive.  

You might not be able  to stop the back-to-school chaos that creates such vulnerabilities to sickness, but you can start building your family’s immune system to fight what comes your way—starting with mindful lifestyle choices. Studies show that adequate high-quality sleep, stress management techniques, and physical activity may help support a healthy immune system. The most crucial component, however, maybe your child’s diet. The world of nutrients can be dense and at times challenging to navigate. Don’t fret. I’ve compiled a quick-list of dietary essentials that you can reference to help promote a healthy immune system for your kids that they will actually eat!

Vitamin C

Multiple studies show that vitamin C may lower the duration of the common cold. Increasing vitamin C in your child’s diet is as easy as adding in foods like citrus fruits, bell peppers, and broccoli, yum! Eating a single fruit will cover 60% of your daily need for the antioxidant vitamin C.


Zinc levels and immune system inflammation have also been linked. Studies show that zinc deficiency can result in lower immunity. These studies also reference zinc levels and how they may help support a healthy immune system in children. It might sound daunting, but getting more zinc in your family meals is as easy as serving lean meat like flank steak or shellfish.  Adding walnuts or pumpkin seeds to homemade energy bars, having eggs for breakfast, or making whole grain toast with peanut butter as a snack is another great source of zinc, too.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D (also known as the sunshine vitamin) is most often obtained from the sun’s UV rays. Low vitamin D status has been linked to adverse immune system health, resulting in a potentially increased risk of catching the dreaded cold or flu. It is difficult to meet the daily dose of Vitamin D from diet alone, so consider adding a D3 supplement to your family’s routine to help keep immunity strong this season. To get the most bang for your immune function buck, focus on supplements with other components for a healthy immune system, like Jetson Superkids.*

Superkids is kids prebiotic, probiotic and vitamin D blend to fuel gut health, immunity, brain, teeth and bone development. Probiotics can also be an essential resource for antibiotic recovery. Studies show that probiotics alongside antibiotics can promote microbial diversity and restore beneficial bacteria populations often lost during antibiotic treatment. 

It is also said that 70% of our immune system lives in the gut—so building your kid’s gut health is very important when it comes to tackling the germs that flow during back-to-school season. 

For adults, I love Jetson’s Digest formulation. It supports digestive balance, immunity and nutrient absorption.*


Selenium is a mineral with powerful antioxidants in foods such as chicken, brown rice, eggs, and oatmeal. Studies show deficiencies in selenium may lead to a less optimal immune system. Pairing a food rich in selenium with other anti-inflammatory snacks throughout the day can be a great way to support your child’s immune system!

Building a healthy immune system may help offset the world of germs children face daily in school. Beat the back-to-school germ craze and help fortify your kid’s immune system from within!

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