What are Enzymes and Why are they Important?

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Enzymes are naturally occurring substances in our bodies and in our food. It’s a type of protein that creates a necessary chemical reaction. Different enzymes perform different functions to support life. Here at Jetson, we’re particularly interested in digestive enzymes. 

Digestive enzymes are produced by the pancreas. These enzymes help break down the foods we eat so our bodies can easily convert that food into nutrients. Think of digestive enzymes as microscopic kitchen scissors that cut your food into bits and pieces, making it both easier and faster for your gut to digest. 

The foods we digest can be categorized by their macronutrients; carbohydrates, proteins and fats. In order for these macronutrients to be useful to our bodies, they must be broken down effectively. Each macronutrient has a specific enzyme “team” assigned to break them down into their simplest forms. Let’s meet the teams!

  • Protease: Enzymes that break down proteins into amino acids
  • Lipase: Enzymes that break down fat into glycerol and fatty acids
  • Carbohydrase: Enzymes that break down carbohydrates into sugars

Within these groups, there are even more specialized enzymes ready to tackle specific foods. Because our meals usually contain most (or all) macronutrients, it’s safe to say each of these enzymes work together to digest your food. 


It’s true that our bodies naturally produce enzymes. It’s also true that each body is built differently, and can change in a lifespan. While there are several factors that affect our body’s ability to efficiently break down food, enzymes could play a role (or a lack thereof). Check out the list below.

  • Food intolerances– When you have certain food intolerances, it means your body does not make (or make enough) of the particular enzyme equipped to digest that food.
  • Age– As we age, our bodies tend to produce less digestive enzymes. Our bodies might also produce less enzymes as our diet shifts. For example: Some babies depend solely on milk, so their bodies produce more lactase, or the enzyme needed to digest milk. As we get older and diversify our diet, our body might respond by slowing down the production of the lactase enzyme.
  • Pancreatic diseases– Because digestive enzymes are produced by the pancreas, people with certain pancreatic issues may produce less digestive enzymes.
  • Eating too quickly– While some foods can make it hard to resist, if we don’t chew food thoroughly enough, the enzymes in our stomach have to work double time to make up for our eagerness.

Amazingly, you can take enzyme supplements orally. Enzyme supplements work with the enzymes already in your gut to support your body’s naturally occurring digestion process.


Jetson After Ate is a digestive enzyme mint designed to provide immediate indigestion relief for post-meal discomfort. We understand food triggers are as unique as the people who have them, so each mint includes a full spectrum of digestive enzymes that support the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

It can only help to have a few extra enzymes on your gut side. Not only do enzymes support overall digestion, they also provide immediate relief from GI distress (those food babies and post-meal gasses) and can even help our bodies get the most nutrients out of food. 

When you take Jetson After Ate, you can expect:

  • Immediate Digestive Relief: Jetson After Ate is packed with enzymes, which are a more natural alternative to some common over the counter indigestion medicines. Products like antacids and pink bismuth (oh hello Pepto!) tend to address the symptoms and do not distinctly aid in digestion.
  • A Safety Net For A Big Meal: Take Jetson After Ate on the go to be fully prepped for occasions (holidays, family gatherings, friendsgiving) where some seriously amazing food leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable two (okay three) plates later. More food naturally means more work for your body in digestion. Taking a Jetson After Ate mint will help speed up the digestion process so you can skip the dreaded food coma and feel alive again. Caution: Company will see you eating a mint and ask if they can have one. We think sharing is caring.
  • A Defense Against Mild Food Intolerances– Some of us, while not fully intolerant, do harbor food sensitivities that result in gas and discomfort. Taking supportive enzymes can save you from cutting out foods entirely and help you enjoy certain foods without repercussions. You can also take Jetson After Ate as a preventative measure when trying new foods, in case you are exposed to a food sensitivity.
  • More Nutrients Please– Jetson After Ate supports effective food breakdown, which in turn supports effective nutrient absorption from that food!
  • Soothing Mint Flavor– Jetson After Ate doubles as an after-meal mint, meaning happy tummy and happy company for any and all post-meal activities, from conversation to… not conversation 🙂
  • Digestive support for specialized diets– People who live on specialized diets like keto, plant-based, or high-protein may experience digestive issues because these diets tend to be heavier on particular macronutrients than others. In that case, the body may not produce enough enzymes to properly digest high quantities of the same macronutrients. Imagine your gut only receives kale when it used to receive equal amounts of kale and chicken and eggs. Some enzymes are out of a job, and some enzymes are working overtime.

Jetson After Ate boosts your enzyme count to help you digest the foods key to your lifestyle diet. With those extra enzymes working together, your digestive flow becomes calm, cool and collected. And, if you ever forget when to take Jetson After Ate, we baked it right into the name.



Let us explain. Enzymes actually work hand in hand with probiotics for optimum gut health. When undigested food reaches the large intestine, the bacteria in our gut ferments this food, which is where gas and bloating really comes from. (You can only blame the dog so many times.)  This cycle of fermentation can inadvertently feed the bad bacteria in our gut, leading to more serious issues like dysbiosis, or an imbalance of good and bad gut bacteria. 

When enzymes break down food efficiently, it decreases the chance of undigested food ending up in the large intestine. More enzymes also boost the efficacy of your probiotic which will prevent any overgrowth of bad bacteria, and create a better environment for good bacteria to flourish. Remember— good bacteria (the Jetson kind) have health benefits FAR BEYOND digestion, including healthy skin, healthy weight, boosted immune responses and improved moods.

This combination is a classic dynamic duo, sort of like Jetson and your gut. 


While Jetson After Ate was designed to provide immediate indigestion relief, it also has amazing benefits for your overall gut health. Unlike common remedies for bloating and gas relief, Jetson After Ate targets the root cause of the problem by supplementing your body’s natural enzymes to break down food effectively. It doesn’t mask the pain and symptoms, it improves the digestive process so any discomfort is prevented. 


Feel results immediately with Jetson After Ate. Goodbye food coma, hello alive inside. Pair with a probiotic for long-term gut goals.  



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