What Can Your Gut Do For You?


For those of you who know us, HI! *enthusiastic waving* Welcome back.

For those who aren’t so familiar, we’re Jetson, America’s Gut Health Company. Our mission is to unleash the power of the gut — and help you feel alive inside.


In a nutshell, there are about 100 trillion good and bad bacteria shacking up in your gut. And that’s a good thing. Humans have always had a dynamic dance going on in their guts. It’s always been a whole, amazing world in there. You get your gut microbiome at birth. It is gifted to you straight from your mother. Then, as you grow up, the world around you and the food you eat begin to mess with it.

And that’s where Jetson Probiotics come to the rescue. Probiotics are foods and supplements that promote the growth of healthy bacteria. They’re live organisms that you can find in fermented foods like kombucha, kimchi, and yogurt that help normalize your gut bacteria. When they’re present, they improve the microbiome of your digestive tract, reducing inflammation throughout your body.

We know that the secret to better health is not drinking celery juice or doing daily squats. It’s GUTS. The power of the gut goes beyond digestion. Good gut health goes beyond having smoother poops. It also means good moods, great skin and so much more. 


You eat pizza, you get heartburn. It’s just a fact, right? And that IBS you’ve been dealing with for most of your life? It’s never going to go away. Or your Crohn’s disease. Pop an antacid. Time your day around toilets. This is just how life is going to be, right? 

Wrong. These things can be fixed, or at least improved, by getting smart about what’s happening in your gut and improving your gut biome. Now, how about your anxiety, depression, high cholesterol, chronic kidney disease, and even (according to some early studies) autism spectrum disorder? Yep, they’re all gut related, too. And that means they can all be overcome or improved by improving the quality of your gut biome.


Bad gut health is linked to problems in nearly every system in your body. It can wreak havoc on your digestion, weight, skin and even mental health. But it’s not just something you just have to live with. If your gut is imbalanced, you can fix it with dietary and lifestyle changes. This is why our founder, Stefan Weitz, started Jetson (read more about his story here). 

Your gut is unique to you, and that means your problems and the solutions are, too. To get your gut functioning optimally, you’re going to have to get personal, and that means a personalized approach. But once you get your good and bad bacteria balanced, you’ll be amazed by how your other systems begin working like they should. 


Getting and staying healthy can seem daunting. We are here to help make that journey easier. 

If you didn’t know this already, probiotics are our thing. At Jetson, we believe that gut health is key to overall health. We’re so obsessed that we’ve developed specific formulations for different health needs, including a seasonally rotating probiotic for better gut diversity. 

While there is no “magic pill” for health, taking a probiotic comes pretty close. We’ve done our homework and only use strains that have clinical and scientific backing behind them, in tandem with vitamins and supplements for optimal results. And guess what? We have thousands of reviews from customers who have benefitted from our science-led approach. 


First, your probiotic should be personal to you and your needs (which is why we have several formulations). If you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, take our free quiz so that we can recommend the best way to get started on your gut health journey.

What’s that? You want the TLDR version? We get it. Here are our customer favorites, any of which are a great place to start!


Best probiotics yet!

Love these bad boys! I started this summer with the Fit and am now taking the Mood. I normally wake up super bloated, but have seen a HUGE improvement since taking Jetson. Also, I get season depression when the winter hits and so far have been in a much better state of mind with the shorter days. 10/10 would recommend!

-Camille 5/5


I love the way these make me feel!

I am quite the skeptic about pills! I’ve tried many probiotics and none of them have done anything ‘noticeable’ for me. This pill however has changed my mind about probiotics. It actually makes me feel great. I think I feel energized by it. I would definitely recommend people try it.

-Justin 5/5


Works quickly and well!

I was so happy to find the prebiotics and women’s probiotics from Jetson in simple pills, delivered automatically to my door. They worked to address my regularity almost immediately and I also saw relief right away from monthly PMS related yeast infections.

-Emma 5/5

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