Your Diet Could Be Undermining Your Skincare Goals. These Veggies May Help You Hit Those Goals.

The skincare market has never been more profitable, but many consumers aren’t seeing the results they’re paying for. One fact that multi-billion-dollar skincare companies may not want you to know? The key to beautiful skin doesn’t just lie in a cream or peeling solution—the secret to sustainable, glowing skin lies in your diet.

No Skincare Regimen Stands a Chance Against a Poor Diet

The average American woman spends about $300,000 on skincare and beauty products in their lifetime, according to a survey by beauty retailer SkinStore. When you throw in the cost of men’s skincare and skin-related spending on other parts of the body, the amount Americans spend in this sector jumps to $22 billion.

You have to wonder how much money Americans would save by focusing more on their diet and gut health than beauty products that address the symptom of imperfect skin, but often not the underlying causes.

Vegetables Known to Improve Your Gut and Skin Health 

While a healthy gut isn’t all about diet, what you eat is a significant factor. Vegetables have the unique potential to improve gut health, as they tend to be packed with nutrients that promote healthy function in your stomach and small intestine.

Some vegetables that are especially noteworthy for their gut-rejuvenating effects are:

  • Leafy greens: Leafy greens like spinach and kale contain fiber, vitamins, folate, and sugars that spark the growth of healthy gut bacteria.
  • Broccoli: Studies have found that broccoli may help your body overcome common digestive issues like colitis and leaky gut. A more robust immune response to digestive issues could help protect your skin from the harmful effects of an imperfect gut microbiome.
  • Parsnips: If you’ve never tried parsnips, here’s a reason to take the plunge. These root vegetables are high in fiber, which can help clear bad bacteria from your system.

Just about any vegetable will have a positive effect on your gut microbiome, so don’t skimp.

Probiotics and Other Strategies to Achieve Better Skin

The Mayo Clinic recommends several approaches to achieving healthier skin, including:

  • Increasing the share of fruits, vegetables, and lean protein in your diet—each of these foods promote gut health
  • Stress management, which may also help you obtain a healthier gut and clearer, more youthful skin
  • Drinking more water

You can also stick with the serums and skincare products that you love—clean, well-moisturized skin is definitely important. Just don’t spend money on a costly skincare regimen in vain. If you’re ignoring an unhealthy gut, you may as well throw your skincare budget into the fireplace.

You should also consider introducing probiotics into your system, whether through food, supplements, or both. Probiotics may be the most effective, immediate way to alter your gut health for the better. Learn more about these little miracles here.

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